With the proper assistance, most people recover from an illness or medical procedure more rapidly at home than in a hospital setting. However, for elders, the required assistance may be quite extensive for a period of time. The Home Care Assistance team is here to help.

Comprehensive Care Plan

As registered nurses, our Care Managers are able to work with our clients, their families and medical personnel to ensure all medical issues and the required follow-up are fully understood before discharge from the hospital.

The required medical protocol will then be incorporated into a comprehensive home care plan that coordinates proper nutrition, rest, exercise and a low stress environment to help speed recovery. Our caregivers administer this integrated care plan to make certain all medication is taken as prescribed, therapeutic activities are undertaken and follow-up appointments are attended.

Care When You Need It: from Hospital to Home

All Home Care Assistance caregivers have been thoroughly screened, selected and trained to provide this level of personalized, person-centered care for our clients and are available from 4 to 24 hours a day during the recovery period. We can even begin providing care before you or your loved one leave the hospital.

Care Managers will continue to monitor our client’s recovery, attend follow-up appointments as necessary and facilitate good communication between client, family and medical personnel. We will also advocate on behalf of our client, if requested.

The Home Care Assistance team of Care Managers and Caregivers provide a fully integrated “Hospital to Home” transition plan to help enable a rapid and thorough recovery. Contact us today to learn more, or visit our site www.hospitaltohomecare.com for more information.

Need Senior Care?

Home Care Assistance will work with you and your loved one to provide a customized senior care plan curated to your needs.

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