Our caregivers ensure a successful recovery after a hospital stay with post-hospital care

Recovery from a hospital stay is a gradual process for anyone — this is especially true for older adults. Everyday tasks can become difficult and even dangerous as their bodies heal, and a little extra support each day can be the difference between a successful recovery and a return visit to the hospital.

That’s where our post-hospital care comes in.

Starting from the moment your senior loved one is ready to leave the hospital, our caregivers bring specific expertise and concierge-level care to assist with the discharge process, plan for recovery, offer daily support, and restore your loved one’s independence.

Everyone deserves to age gracefully. We make it happen.
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Post-Hospital Care Anywhere

As a hospital stay draws to a close, the doctors treating your loved one will build a recovery plan at home or in a rehabilitation center.

Our team of caregivers can help your loved one in both settings.

Whether they need companionship in a treatment center or help with cooking and light exercise at home, our caregivers are a resource for all types of non-medical support to ensure a successful recovery.

Discharge Planning Assistance

As your loved one’s doctor decides what setting is best for your loved one, our care managers can provide expert planning and coordination as they exit the hospital.

Here’s what that means:

  • In-person or over-the-phone consultation with a Care Manager
  • Mapping non-medical needs with a physician (with written permission)
  • A Customized Post-Hospital Care Plan for you and your loved one to keep

Wherever you need us, a Care Manager and Caregiver will be there with you at the hospital, in a rehabilitation facility, or at home.

Restoring Your Loved One’s Independence

As your loved one recovers from a hospital stay, it is our duty to go above and beyond for them and you each day.

Through daily support and communication, we’re here to help through the three phases of recovery:

  1. Dependence. The first 72 hours after a hospital stay are critical to a successful recovery. A Caregiver will take care of laundry, meal preparation, errand running, and more so your loved one can rest and heal.
  2. Support. It takes time to recover. As your loved one slowly returns to their normal routines, a Caregiver will still be available to do more difficult tasks for your senior, like running to the grocery store or cutting vegetables as they cook together.
  3. Full Independence. When you and your loved one feel that they can return to their normal lifestyle safely, a caregiver may not be needed anymore. But don’t worry, we’ll still be right there whenever you need us, even if it’s just for a few hours.

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