24-Hour Care Services for Senior Living Near Burlington, VT

There are a variety of reasons a senior needs the support of a professional caregiver, and as we grow older, those needs become more frequent.

That’s why Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington pairs seniors with services on a 24-hour care schedule.

Your loved one deserves to age in the comfort of home, no matter when they need assistance. From help with daily chores to meal preparation and exercise, we can ensure that a caregiver is always present to support the needs of your senior.

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Here’s How We Do It

Many seniors need a little extra help with everyday tasks. Over time, those needs become more frequent, and someone needs to be there when they happen.

With our 24-hour care, a team of caregivers will take turns looking after your senior around the clock.

This type of care is ideal for seniors who are struggling with mobility or who may not be able to safely cook or clean for themselves.

Here’s how we help…

  • Daily chores and housekeeping
  • Preparing meals
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Grocery shopping
  • Monitoring medication
  • Companionship

Who needs 24-hour care?

This type of care schedule is best for older adults who are struggling with mobility or a physical handicap.

When a senior is struggling with mobility, finding help in the moment is critical. Without someone readily available to offer support, the options for living normally can be limiting, even dangerous.

Here’s why…

If help isn’t readily available, your senior may a) take a risk and injure themselves or b) choose to ignore their needs because moving has become too difficult or dangerous — this leads to more complications down the line.

Your loved one deserves to have help and support right when they need it most, and having a caregiver always present and on-site makes it easier for your senior to ask for help or prevent accidents before they happen.

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