Assisted Living Staffing Services in Burlington, VT and the Surrounding Cities

One of the most important things you can do for your residents at your assisted living facility is to provide them with the proper care through your staff.

Why? Because you will avoid many potential costly and dangerous problems or mistakes that can result in injury to your residents. Your staff needs to be qualified in experience and knowledgeable of Vermont’s state laws and compliance regulations.

Using Home Care Assistance to enhance your staffing will end staffing challenges and  increase your productivity by:

  • Maintaining minimum workflow requirements that can be interrupted during your hiring search
    or when an employee is out for any number of reasons
  • Curtailing premium shift payment for overtime hours
  • Lowering your long-term workers compensation/liability costs as client and caregiver injuries
    are much more likely to happen when an employee is working overtime hours
  • Reducing soft costs associated with working employees overtime. As employees work more
    hours, their productivity and attention to detail tends to drop

Not having enough coverage for your residents is a nightmare for the admin of any facility. Home Care Assistance can help provide that coverage with our professional caregivers. Supplementing a core workforce with Home Care Assistance caregivers allows your company to
get maximum production and e!ciency for every hour of work paid for.

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