Stroke Care and Recovery Guide for Home Care Clients in Burlington, VT

A stroke can be an extremely challenging medical event to cope with and recover from, patients must simultaneously overcome physical, cognitive and emotional challenges. Many stroke survivors report frustrations with the recovery process. In a recent survey of over 1000 stroke survivors, over 40% felt somewhat or not very successful in meeting their rehabilitation goals and 38% felt they lacked information relevant to their recovery. Regardless of the severity of your stroke, it is critical to take a proactive and informed approach to your stroke care. Learn more in our complete guide to stroke recovery!

Dimensions of Stroke Care

Learn eight key topics around stroke care and recovery…

  1. Follow the advice of experts.
  2. Adapt your home to your needs.
  3. Follow up on your blood work.
  4. Understand your limitations.
  5. Do as much as you can.
  6. Maintain your therapy schedule.
  7. Watch your diet.
  8. Plan for post-hospital recovery.

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