The 4 Programs of the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™

Home Care Assistance has been the leading provider of in home care for seniors since 2003. Our mission has always been to provide care that is innovative and changes with the world around us. This approach to care allows us to offer programs that are instrumental in the better health and well being of our clients. Our innovative Cognitive Therapeutics Method is designed to stimulate seniors experiencing cognitive decline through scientifically proven methods helping to delay cognitive decline. This form of care can be delivered in 3 distinct programs.

The Interventionist Program

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This program includes in-depth personalized brain exercises that provide a holistic approach to the brain health of seniors. Traditionally the first line of treatment is through pharmacological intervention, which focuses more on benefits of medications. Through advancements and scientific studies, it has become more prevalent to see that behavioral and cognitive intervention is the better approach to slowing the process of degenerative disorders.

These one-on-one activities performed in the home target various cognitive and non-cognitive domains of the brain. This program can include more than 300 scientifically tested activities that are part of a plan specifically catered to the senior’s needs. With the Initial Evaluation, intervention plans are custom made to fit the needs of the client. This can include factors like an individual’s strengths and challenges, personality and interests, and other factors that can change over time.

Once a plan has been established, we ensure that the program is not only consistent but fun and engaging. The activities will be challenging, as well as enjoyable. Throughout this process, the family will always be informed through monthly reports that include documentation of engagement, cooperation, and any changes in their loved one’s abilities. The Interventionist program is available for home care clients as well as seniors not receiving home care.

The Mind Fit Series

Mind Fit Series

The Mind Fit Series is a group-oriented program that includes activities that boost brain health. The group cognitive activities in this program are perfect for those living in assisted living communities or participating in senior centers, memory programs, church groups and other settings where seniors gather. This program is once per week and runs for 6 weeks. There is also an extended Mind Fit Series which includes 24 unique sessions, each with its own set of variations. This allows for a nearly continuous, year-round program that senior citizens can attend.

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Caregiver Program

For our clients that are receiving at least 20 hours of care per week, we include the Cognitive Therapeutics Method for no additional charge. Our trained caregivers implement this plan through 23 engaging activities that focus primarily on the 5 cognitive domains of the brain.The mental stimulation our clients receive through the Cognitive Therapeutics Method is a valuable addition to the personalized daily and weekly care they receive.

Music and Memory (SM) Certified

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As a complimentary add-on to our in-home Cognitive Therapeutics Method, we now offer Music and Memory (SM). Through this program, we will work with the client, their family or friends, and caregivers to develop a personally meaningful playlist to help stimulate memories often only available through music in those suffering from dementia. Once created our caregivers will then come equipped with an MP3 player and headphones to help your loved one experience going back in time.



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