Comfort Foods Cookbook: A Healthy Twist on Classic Favorites

The Comfort Foods Cookbook is a labor of love brought to you by the Home Care Assistance family.

All of us at Home Care Assistance have the great privilege of serving the daily needs of older adults with quality and compassionate in-home care. An important component of the care and companionship we provide is meal preparation. Families of Home Care Assistance clients have peace of mind knowing that their aging loved ones are eating healthy, varied, nutritious meals prepared fresh and to their tastes.

While older adults often eat less than they did in younger years, the quality of the food they eat and its nutritional value are even more essential; after all, eating properly is pivotal to our lifespan and health-span. Over the years, our clients and caregivers have shared countless recipes with us – recipes that inspired good food and fond memories. With the input of expert nutritionists, we adapted our favorite recipes to meet our Balanced Care guidelines. By introducing healthier ingredients and cooking methods to the kitchen, we’re making sure that all of our favorite foods are also a great source of nutrition at any age, but particularly for older adults.

  • Kathy N. Johnson, PhD, CMC is a Certified Geriatric Care Manager and Chief Executive Officer of Home Care Assistance. A recognized leader in senior care, she holds a Doctorate in Psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology.
  • James H. Johnson, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist and Chairman of Home Care Assistance. He is the former department chair of the Virginia Consortium for Professional Psychology and the award-winning author of nine books. He holds a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Minnesota.
  • Lily Sarafan, MS is President and Chief Operating Officer of Home Care Assistance. She has been featured as an industry expert by more than 100 media outlets. She holds Masters and Bachelors degrees from Stanford University.

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