Many adults shifted from working in an office environment to working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the relaxation of COVID-19 rules, some people still work from home continuously.

Many people who have elderly family members can now devote more time to senior care at home thanks to the remote employment arrangement. However, some people might find it difficult to strike a balance between their work obligations and the demands of long-term caregiving for a loved one.

The Challenges of Working from Home and Senior Care

When working from home, you may need to answer emails, participate in video conference calls, write reports, and do other tasks you conducted at the office. However, it might be challenging to focus when you need to take frequent breaks to attend to the needs of an older individual who lives with you or close by.

When you take into account family and household duties like school pick-ups and drop-offs, doctor appointments, dinner preparation, shopping, cleaning, and laundry, the obligations grow and can become overwhelming.

How Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington Can Make Working from Home Easier

Whether or not your senior loved one lives with you, an in-home personal caregiver can handle senior care responsibilities during your work-from-home hours.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a professional caregiver while working from home:

Reduced interruptions

Frequent interruptions can disrupt your concentration, reduce your productivity, and hinder your ability to hold a conference call or talk on the phone. A Home Care Assistance caregiver can anticipate and take care of your loved one’s needs, allowing you to focus entirely on your work.

More companionship and less boredom

A professional caregiver at home will give your loved one someone to interact with to reduce feelings of loneliness and boredom. Plus, it will allow you to complete your work and catch up with your loved one at a more convenient time.

Increased safety

Your senior may require ongoing care to protect their safety if they have cognitive, physical, or mobility impairments. You might forget to remind them to eat or take important medications if pressing job tasks keep you busy for longer than intended. While you are on a conference call, if a loved one who uses a walker wants to go to the bathroom, they might try to stand up on their own and could suffer a fall. A dependable professional caregiver can stay by your loved one’s side to lessen the possibility of forgotten meals or medications and to prevent accidents and mishaps.

Flexibility that fits your schedule

At Home Care Assistance, we understand not everyone works 9-5. If you have evening, overnight, or weekend commitments, our caregivers can assist you in taking care of an elderly loved one. We can also assist if you only need part-time care for a few days or hours per week.

Time for self-care

It can be challenging to care for an elderly loved one while working from home. Even if you have assistance in the workplace, it’s important to focus on yourself. Home Care Assistance’s in home care services can give you a break to run errands, attend a social function, or meet personal or family obligations on evenings or weekends.

If working from home while caring for your senior has you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, hiring a caregiver may be the ideal senior care solution. To learn more about how Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington can help, contact us to schedule an in-home consultation.