Seniors in home care have the benefit of aging with dignity in the comfort of their own home, or a loved one’s home, surrounded by familiarity and solace. While that home was once well-suited for their lifestyle, it is not uncommon to discover that the home may now need some updates as your senior faces new challenges throughout the aging process.

Seniors often need various medical equipment in their home, whether it is for safety, mobility, or basic human functions. So now the questions become, what equipment does your senior need? And where can you find it?

Medical Equipment Examples

Some medical equipment can be used throughout the home to make accessibility and daily tasks easier for your senior. For example, in the bathroom, you will want to consider installing grab bars above the toilet and in the shower. Grab bars help your senior to raise, lower, and stabilize themselves. The toilet itself is also an item to consider.

Many times, seniors utilize a portable toilet that can be placed in a more convenient location for easy access. Other types of medical equipment for your senior may include items that they can physically have on-hand and not necessarily throughout the home. A cane or a walker are great examples of equipment that your senior will always have nearby or with them to help make mobility easier for them.

Where to Find Medical Equipment

Go Through Insurance

If your senior has insurance like Medicare, then typically the insurance will cover all or a majority of the cost for new medical equipment. This is often accompanied with a doctor’s prescription for any recommended equipment. Unfortunately, insurance won’t always cover equipment for home care, leaving patients to pay out-of-pocket.

Buy Used Equipment

If you do need to pay out-of-pocket, there are alternative options. You can instead consider buying used medical equipment. Often times, independent living centers and other retailers will have listings for used equipment. You can also check community resources, like Facebook Marketplace or local second-hand stores.

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