When it comes to providing care for seniors, the comfort of your loved one is of utmost importance. If you’re taking care of a senior family member in your own home, you may be aware that ensuring maximum comfort can sometimes be challenging. While your home may be suitable for you and your family, it might present obstacles for your senior. Fortunately, there are several adjustments you can make to your home to enhance accessibility and security for your senior.

The Exterior

If your home doesn’t already have one, consider installing a no-step entryway. This means there are no steps to enter the house from the sidewalk or driveway to the front door. This modification makes entering and leaving the home much easier, especially for seniors with mobility difficulties or those using wheelchairs.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is a space where your senior spends a significant amount of time and should be comfortable. Install grab bars and handles above the toilet and in the shower to assist your senior in safely raising and lowering themselves. You can also think about installing an elevated toilet, which makes it easier to get up from, or a roll-in shower that simplifies entering and exiting. If your shower has sufficient space, consider adding a chair for your senior if standing is challenging.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is another room where your senior spends a considerable amount of time and should feel safe and comfortable. Opt for roller light switches instead of traditional flip switches as they are easier for your senior to handle and use. Ensure there is ample room for your senior to maneuver in the bedroom and add additional shelving units that are easily reachable.

The Kitchen

Make your kitchen more senior-friendly by incorporating countertops at varying heights and lowering cooking surfaces. This can help alleviate back pain for your senior, especially if they enjoy cooking. If you have a mounted microwave, ensure it is positioned at a reachable height.

How Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington Can Help

If you need further advice on making your home senior-safe for your loved one, Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington is here to assist you. By making your home more accessible for your elderly loved ones, you can significantly improve their safety, comfort, and quality of life.

The expertise and assistance provided by caregivers from Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington can be invaluable in creating an environment that promotes independence and well-being. With a combination of thoughtful modifications and compassionate care, you can ensure that your loved one can age in place with dignity and grace.

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