Spring has arrived! It seemed like it took forever, but the short, brutal days of winter are finally behind us. Better weather gives us all the opportunity to get out more, but this is especially important for elderly people who could benefit from a more active lifestyle after spending several months cooped up at home. If you’re providing senior care for someone you love, here are some fun spring activities the two of you can enjoy together.

  • Go For a Walk — Spring is a chance to finally get outside and take in some sunshine, and what better way to do that than by taking a walk? Walks are great exercise for people of all ages and exposure to sun and nature is a mood booster as well.
  • Visit Family — Spring weather means longer, warmer days, and clear roads. Take advantage of the situation by taking your loved one out for a social visit. Make arrangements to see friends or family. Perhaps bring snacks and drinks, and hang out in a yard or patio if one’s on hand.
  • Plant a Garden — There’s no better time to get into gardening than spring. Gardening is the perfect activity for seniors. It doesn’t require any strenuous activity, but it does provide both exercise and the opportunity to limber up. The process of clipping, trimming, and planting is stimulating work that excites the mind and provides ample rewards when your loved one’s garden comes to fruition.
  • Learn Something New — When a person is retired, they’ll find themselves with the time they lacked to learn a new skill or discipline they’ve always wanted to pursue. If the senior in your life is interested in art, writing, learning a foreign language, or anything else, check to see what classes are available at a nearby community college and see if they’d like to enroll.
  • Spring Cleaning — Housework can be difficult or impossible for many seniors. If your loved one’s home is looking a little worse for wear after the winter, help them improve their circumstances with a little spring cleaning. You can even make it a social activity by inviting over some family members.

Providing an elderly parent with the senior care they require can take a lot of hard work, but it can be gratifying as well. With the warm, pleasant days of spring come more chances to spend time with your loved one outdoors, so take advantage of those.

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