If your gym membership is still on pause during the pandemic, that’s not a problem! Seniors who are looking for alternative ways to stay active can do so right in their own home. Read through some of our favorite simple at-home exercises for seniors below!

Stretch It Out

Whether before or after your workout (or both!), stretching is really important. It helps make your muscles more limber and braces them for the impact of your workout. You can even dive into some serious stretching like yoga if you’re looking to improve your muscle strength, balance, coordination, and more!

Lifting Light Weights

You’re going to need 2 or 3-pound dumbbells. Anything you have around your home at this weight will work, too! You can use these light weights for a solid arm workout. Light weights combined with repetitive movements will lead to more toned muscles.

Cardio and Aerobics

We’re sure you’re thinking of running or walking when it comes to cardio, right? Well yes, those are forms of cardio, but you can also do something fun and different, like dancing or jump rope, to get your heart rate up! Cardio and aerobics help to build your stamina and improve your endurance over time.

Calisthenics and Props

Sometimes you don’t need anything else besides your body to do a few exercises. Body workouts are known as calisthenics! Squats and push-ups are great examples. Still, these aren’t always easy, so getting some assistance from a prop can be helpful. For squats, use a chair. Stand in front of the chair, bend your knees, and lower yourself onto it. Then stand back up. Repeat the motion. For push-ups, use any wall. Stand a few feet away and place your hands flat on the wall. Lower yourself towards the wall, and then push away from it again to complete the movement.

If you’re looking for more simple ways to get in a good sweat right from home, we’re ready to help. Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington is here for all of your senior care needs! Call us today to speak with one of our friendly Care Managers and schedule your consultation.