When members of different generations get together, beautiful things can be shared. This is why many adults enroll in intergenerational writing classes that blend youthful vibrancy with the wisdom of seniors to benefit everyone. Here are 5 reasons seniors who are interested in writing can enjoy the experience of an intergenerational group that supports their creativity.

1. Find an Emotional Outlet

A lifetime of experiences can leave seniors with pent up emotions that need to be released. However, your loved one may not have thought about sharing his or her stories on paper until younger members of the writing class begin asking questions about his or her life. Story prompts and encouragement from their classmates can motivate seniors to release their emotions on paper. Releasing emotions is cathartic and can help seniors handle depression stemming from unresolved issues in the past.

2. Share Wisdom with Others

Many seniors have years of writing under their belts, which they can use to enhance class discussions. Alternatively, they may share stories that stimulate interest in their classmates. Passing down wisdom gives seniors a sense of purpose and reminds them of the reasons life is worth living. It is common for seniors to write their autobiographies in a creative writing class, which can be a lasting testament to the wisdom gained from a lifetime of experiences.

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3. Keep an Open Mind

Intergenerational conflicts occur when people let ageism affect their view of others. However, simply spending time with people who are at different life stages can dramatically change everyone’s perspective. Seniors can discover that the new generation has beautiful ideas about changing the world, and younger classmates gain respect for older adults as they discover all they have to offer both in class and in the world.

4. Retain Cognitive Functioning

Writing provides many benefits for staving off brain-related changes as a person ages. Simply recalling memories for storytelling can jog a senior’s brain, and many amazing details may come to mind when younger classmates ask questions about a story. Seniors can also build their vocabulary and reinforce language lessons from years ago as they refresh their writing skills.

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5. Gain Self-Confidence

Seniors sometimes experience a drop in confidence when they no longer receive accolades for their achievements like they might have during their career. Intergenerational writing classes are supportive environments where even the shyest member can feel safe standing up in front of a group to share his or her work. Classmates work closely with each other to edit and review emerging stories, and seniors might discover that the younger generation gives well-thought out advice and encouragement. As seniors gain recognition for their writing abilities, they also enjoy a boost to their self-confidence that carries over into other aspects of their life.

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