Do you have a senior loved one in senior care? If you do, would you be able to recognize the signs if they were struggling with their mental health? Unfortunately, it is all too easy to overlook or not even notice signs of anxiety and depression, which are mental illnesses that seniors in home care are very prone to experiencing. Many signs are very subtle and must be looked for, while others are much more noticeable. Regardless, it is good to be able to pick up on the signs and identify if your senior is suffering from mental health issues. Below, we’re outlining what to look for so you can help your senior get treated and feeling better right away.

Subtle Signs

Trouble with Sleeping. This may be harder to recognize unless you are watching your senior sleep every night. You can look for signs of if they are getting too much sleep, or too little, based on how tired they are during the day.

Loss of Appetite. It’s not uncommon for a senior’s diet to change if they’re struggling. Watch to see if your senior is skipping meals or simply not eating as much as they once did.

More Withdrawn. If your senior is more reclusive than usual and showing a lack of interest in their hobbies, this could be a sign of a mental health issue.

Overt Signs

Lack of Personal Hygiene – Neglect of personal care, such as not taking showers or brushing their teeth anymore, is one of the biggest telltale signs of mental health struggle.

Heavy Mood Swings – You should not expect your senior to be sad or upset all the time if they’re experiencing depression or anxiety. Instead, be on the lookout for changes in mood that are drastic and quick.

How Home Care Assistance Can Help

If you still need help determining if your senior needs help with their mental health, Home Care Assistance of Burlington is here to help. Our caregivers can assist you in getting your senior loved one feeling better and back to normal. Reach out to us today to schedule your consultation.