Pearl Boyer is the Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington nominee for National Caregiver of the year for 2020.

Pearl was one of the first caregivers we hired when we opened our business in 2016. She has been a caregiver all of her adult life, including caring for her dying husband. Pearl’s extension of herself comes through with all of her clients and our office staff. In all of her 57 years of caregiving experience, she is able to provide the best companionship care, personal care and light housekeeping a caregiver can provide. And she always takes great pride in her work. She understands the importance of helping to bring a bright light into client’s lives. Pearl is also able to bring a sense of humor into her client’s lives, and many have had the opportunity to ride in her metallic blue sports car to appointments. and outings. Pearl has been awarded Caregiver of The Month already, and is a shining example of what a Caregiver of the Year exemplifies.

“Pearl’s care of our mother, Betty, came from her heart. It was so obvious that it wasn’t just a job for her; it was her joy in life. She treated Betty and her home as if they were her own. This gave our family such incredible peace of mind. To quote our mother: ‘Pearl is a gem!’ ”

– Deb Moore, Underhill VT July 1, 2020

On Pearl’s most recent meet and greet, the client’s son in law admitted that after the Care Manager had talked about a great match named Pearl, he looked her up on our FB page. He came across a photo of Pearl receiving an HCA vest and realized it was the same Pearl who went to his church. Pearl would frequently say hi to his youngest daughter, who has autism, and made her feel welcomed at church. When the son in law told his wife who Pearl was, she broke down and cried. She was so happy she was matched with her mother as a new caregiver.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Pearl for many years between HCA and another agency. When I first started working here at HCA and saw that Pearl was one of our caregivers, I was so excited to be working with her again, I could not wait to call her and tell her that we would be working together again, as she was one of my favorite caregivers at the other agency we worked at, I know we are not to have “favorites” but with a caregiver like Pearl it is hard to not have her as a favorite caregiver. There is something special about Pearl, her kindness and love for what she does just shines through when you speak with her. Talking with her always makes my day!! Pearl does not let her age stop her, she is beyond caring and compassionate, she does this job from her heart and it shows, it’s so natural for her. She goes above and beyond and always thinks of her clients needs and what is best for them. As a scheduler I never have to worry about Pearl’s clients as I know she will always reach out to me about their changing needs or any concerns she might have. When we as a staff talked about who might we like to see as COTY I immediately thought of Pearl as she deserves this award for so many reasons.”

– Tammy Berthiaume, Staffing Manager, HCA of Greater Burlington.

“Four years ago when Pearl walked her 4’10” 90 lbs 73-year old self into our temporary office, as we were waiting for our storefront to be built out, I thought, even hoped, we just might have our first client. “Oh you’re here for the Caregiver position” I remarked, skeptical whether she would have the physical abilities to do the difficult work our Caregivers do. Her confidence and experience soon were evident. One of the first clients we matched her with was a centenarian. They were quite the pair driving around in Pearl’s Dodge Charger muscle car. Often we find those older adults, initially looking for minimal companion care, soon come to appreciate Pearl, and the quality of interactions she brings to their lives. It’s usually not long before they are looking to increase hours and the amount of time they get to spend with Pearl. She’s a worker bee constantly trying to add value and it turns out she’s a tough-as-nails Vermonter. We appreciate all that Pearl is and does.”

-Tom Lee, co-Owner HCA of Greater Burlington

Pearl Boyer is the definition of caring and has the compassion and drive to serve. She cares for not only the client’s physical and mental well being but seems to connect on a deeper level to the soul. Honestly this year, her 57th in caregiving, is little different than what she’s always been. She deserves this honor for her lifetime’s long dedication to this calling.