Spring is here and warmer weather is on its way! That means getting outdoors this season with your seniors is going to be a whole lot easier and more frequent.

Below we have detailed 4 simple tips to make the most out of enjoying the outdoors with your senior this season:

Head to Nearby Parks

Parks are the obvious choice when it comes to outdoor activities. Whether there are parks or reservations nearby with miles of trails or just a quick loop, public parks are great areas to take a walk, bond with your senior, and enjoy nature at its best. Visit the Burlington Park Department to find the park nearest you.

Take a Walk Around the Neighborhood

If there isn’t a park or reservation nearby, that’s okay! You can still go for a stroll around your senior’s neighborhood. Just make sure you know the area well enough to know when to turn back so your loved one doesn’t get too tired.

Visit Gardens or Museums

Gardens and museums make great options whether you live in a big city, a suburb, or less populated areas – Because there is almost always one or the other nearby! Many botanical gardens and museums (art and other types) will likely have outdoor attractions during the Spring season. This is a great opportunity to be outside while learning something new with your senior.  An excellent place to walk is Shelburne Museum http://www.shelburnemuseum.org .

Enjoy Lunch Outside

Not everything has to be a big activity. You could easily have a picnic or a lunch right outside – In the backyard, or on a patio or balcony. Just sitting outdoors and soaking up the sun can improve your senior’s mood!

Bonus Tip:

It doesn’t just have to be a meal… If it’s not lunch time just yet, bring out a board game or a deck of cards to play a game your loved one enjoys. Food isn’t necessary to enjoy time outside or to make memories with your loved one.

Life for your senior doesn’t have to change too much with the help of Home Care Assistance. We love developing individualized senior home care plans to allow your senior to thrive and age right in the comfort of their own home.

With the flexibility we provide, your senior can still live their life to the fullest without skipping a beat. To learn more about your home care options, please give us a call to set up a consultation!