It’s May, which means that Spring is coming into full swing here in Burlington, VT! With the month of May comes not only spring flowers, but also Mother’s Day. We understand it’s hard to keep coming up with unique gift-giving ideas year after year – especially if your mom, or any mom you’re buying for, happens to be in senior care. So this year, we’ve done the creative thinking for you!

Below, take a look at some unique gift ideas that your senior mother will absolutely love this year for Mother’s Day!

Memory Jar

If you prefer giving gifts with sentimental value, this is it for Mom. This sweet idea involves buying a jar, having some scraps of paper – or nice stationery if you prefer – and time for you to reflect. Fill the jar by writing various memories with your mom on the paper. The idea is for her to read them over time.

Digital Picture Frame

Chances are, your mom has a bunch of photos and plenty of memories lying a variety of boxes and albums in several different rooms. It can be a great idea to digitize them all with a photo scanning services and putting them into a digital picture frame that rotates the photos!

Adult Coloring Book

Did you know adult coloring books help to actively relieve stress and increase health? A study has found that those over the age of 65 who engage in creative activities have better overall health than those who do not! Getting Mom a large-print coloring book this year could be a great idea.

Vitamin D Lamp

It’s no surprise that many seniors don’t get as much sun as they used to, whatever the reason may be. A Vitamin D lamp can make a great gift for Mom to help support her heart health, vision, and immune system. A good source of Vitamin D can also help improve her mood!

Each of these gifts provides their own special and unique value for mom this Mother’s Day, and we know she will love whatever you decide to give her. If we can help provide further support and senior care for you and your family, please consider calling Home Care Assistance to schedule your free consultation with us. Happy Mother’s Day!