When you think of caregivers, the Millennial generation is probably not the first group that comes to your mind. But it may surprise you to know that Millennials, ranging in age from 20 – 34, is a fast-growing group for senior care as they step into the “primary” caregiver role, and their parents become “secondary” caregivers.

There are approximately 5.3 million grandchildren caring for their grandparents right now, meaning 1 out of 12 caregivers is caring for a grandparent. As primary caregivers, they take care of the bulk of tasks at hand required for their grandparents’ senior care.

There are several reasons why Millennials are quickly becoming their grandparents’ caregivers:

Support and Compassion

Many Millennials provide senior care for their grandparents simply because they are being supportive and compassionate towards their older family members.

Stepping in for a Deceased Parent or Grandparent

One of the major reasons why we have seen a growth in the number of Millennial caregivers is due to the death of a parent or grandparent who would have been the primary caregiver.


Grandchildren often regard their relationship with their grandparents as reciprocal. It is natural for them to want to care for a grandparent that once cared for them as a child. They are happy to provide senior care now, since they know they will miss their grandparent once they are gone.

Millennials help provide senior care the most in the following ways:


Grandchildren will visit their grandparents often to continue bonding with them. They send mail frequently to stay in touch and brighten a grandparent’s day. When they visit, they take the time to learn their grandparents’ hobbies and interests so they can pass them on.

Running Errands & Assisting in the Home

Since many seniors struggle with the basic tasks of running errands and/or driving themselves, Millennial caregivers step in to transport them or complete the tasks for them. Millennials also help with chores around their grandparents’ home, like cleaning, cooking, sorting mail, paying bills, and hygiene.

While senior care tends to be okay with Millennials, it’s not uncommon for this group to begin to feel a bit burnt-out as the primary caregiver — especially since this is the time where their focus should be on other items, like their social life, school, or careers. This means sacrificing these things, and Millennials still need support themselves.

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