If you are helping to care for a senior, then you might suggest that they switch to a Mediterranean diet filled with healthy fats, unrefined whole grains, fresh fruits and a variety of vegetables. If the senior has been eating the typical American diet, the senior may discover that his or her health improves when he or she makes the switch. Burlington, VT, senior care professionals believe your loved one will notice the following benefits on the Mediterranean diet.

Help the Brain

Healthy fats from olive oil and nuts helps to maintain brain health. Some Burlington dementia caregivers suggest that it can help to prevent cognitive decline. It may also help to stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevent Heart Attacks

Eating a Mediterranean diet with its fresh fruits and vegetables often helps to lower cholesterol levels. Therefore, the chance of having a heart attack becomes much smaller. Eating the typical American diet filled with junk food and preservatives usually increases waist circumference. Scientists know that people with a larger waist have a higher chance of having a heart attack.

Help Stop Osteoporosis

Many seniors have been led to believe that eating fat is bad. The truth is that eating a moderate amount of healthy fat is very important for bone health. The fats found in the Mediterranean diet helps to promote bone cell formation and enables them to mature faster. Therefore, seniors with osteoporosis can stave off further bone damage.

Control Blood Sugar

Controlling blood sugar is easy for many seniors that eat the Mediterranean diet. Seniors who stay on this diet often find that they can better manage their type 2 diabetes. 

Fight Depression

The Mediterranean diet might even help fight depression. Seniors usually lose weight, which often allows them to move easier and prompts them to be more physically active. Scientists also believe that brains fed with healthy fats are more emotionally stable. 

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