Do you have a senior loved one in need of around-the-clock care? If so, then live-in care may be a great option for them! This type of care provides your senior loved one with caregivers who work in shifts to ensure that care is provided 24/7. There are often many questions surrounding live-in care, and Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington is here to help you sort through all of them. 

What is Live-In Care?

Live-in care for seniors is a 24-hour service that brings care to your senior’s home, so they don’t have to worry about living elsewhere in unfamiliar territory. With this service, caregivers typically work rotating 8-10 hours shifts (some may work a full day or even a full week) to see that the senior has care at all times. 

What Services are Included?

Services that come with live-in care are non-medical. Some examples include daily routine items such as housekeeping, meal preparation, personal hygiene upkeep, and help with pets. Caregivers also provide a level of companionship to the senior and often socialize with them by just talking, playing games, or watching movies. Other services include transportation, which helps with doctor appointments, grocery shopping, and running errands; organization to keep bills paid on time, mail sorted, and medications managed; and physical activities so your senior can get the proper exercise.

Who Can Receive Live-In Care?

Generally, live-in care is best for seniors who are recovering from a serious injury or illness, have limited mobility, can no longer physically or mentally care for themselves, are isolated from others or live far away from family, or are suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia.

What are the Benefits?

Live-in care is the ideal option to keep seniors safe, physically active, and socially and mentally stimulated. Caregivers help see that seniors receive the proper nutrition, regular exercise, better medication management, and remain safe in their home. They also help coordinate visitations with family and keep family members current on their senior’s overall health and wellness. Seniors are also less likely to suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness and isolation.

To learn more about your home care options with Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington, contact our office to schedule your consultation! We look forward to talking with you.