While no one is immune to natural disasters, senior citizens in-home care are particularly at-risk when a natural disaster strikes. With the last several years being unusually harsh for wildfires, hurricanes, blizzards and tornadoes throughout the country, it is best to already be prepared and know how you can keep your senior safe in these bad-weather events. Read through our tips below so you know how you can move your senior to safety during severe weather.

Preparing for Blizzards

For seniors located in the northeast, like we are in Burlington,  it is best to begin preparing for safety as soon as news of a potential blizzard is given. Help your senior stock up on bottled water, foods they like (especially if they are canned and non-perishable!), medications and vitamins. You also want to make sure flashlights and batteries are handy if their home should lose power.

Preparing for Wildfires

Fires can escalate and move in quickly, so you will need to have a plan already made that can be executed quickly upon news or notice of a fire. Know what their community recommends for evacuation and different route options. Have these items packed and ready to go at a moment’s notice: N95 respirator masks, any essential documents, their necessary medications and vitamins, and non-perishable foods. If your senior has a pet, you need to include them in your evacuation plans as well. Most importantly… Help your senior leave as soon as evacuation orders are issued. DO NOT WAIT.

Preparing for Tornadoes

Tornadoes are also quick, both in terms of coming and going. When the weather is bad in a tornado-prone area, it is best to watch for hurricane warnings issued by local weather stations. You can get your senior to safety in the following ways. Help them decide on the safest room in their house they can go to for shelter, like a basement or an interior room with no windows. Teach them how to identify the sights and sounds of a tornado in case they have missed a warning.

For more advice on keeping your senior safe in bad weather, please reach out to our caregivers here at Home Care Assistance of Burlington. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation.