As more seniors prefer to age in place in their own homes, many family members are concerned about their loved one’s health and safety:

  • What if there’s a fire, flood, or carbon monoxide leak?
  • What if Mom falls?
  • What happens if Dad has a heart attack or a stroke?
  • What if a break-in attempt is made?

Adult children, especially those who live far away from their elderly parents, may feel overwhelmed by these concerns.

But, thanks to modern home security technologies that safeguard elders from potential risks and threats, worried family members near and far can have peace of mind.

Home Security Devices for Seniors

Individuals concerned about the safety of an older loved one can choose from a variety of user-friendly home security systems and gadgets. The following are some of the most common home security devices:

Video doorbells

For older adults who have problems getting to the door quickly, a video or “smart” doorbell is a great option. The majority of video doorbells have a video camera attached to them that displays an image of the person standing outside the door. A two-way speaker system is also included in these devices, allowing the homeowner to converse with the visitor. Additional capabilities on some video doorbells include automatic face detection, video storage for later viewing, and even remote monitoring via a smartphone or mobile app.

Indoor and outdoor cameras

Indoor and exterior cameras can be extremely beneficial in terms of home security. For remote monitoring, many video systems may link to a smartphone or computer. Indoor security cameras may also include a two-way speaker system to aid communication between family members and their senior loved ones.

Automatic Lights

For seniors who have problems seeing in low light, automatic lights (sometimes known as “smart lights”) are an excellent option. When someone enters the house or opens particular doors, automatic light systems can switch on. The systems can be programmed to switch on and off lights at specific periods throughout the day.

Automatic Door Locks

Smart door locks, also known as automatic door locks, add an extra layer of security to your home. These locks latch automatically, so you can rest assured that your loved one will remember to lock the door when they return home. Some smart locks can be programmed to lock after a specified amount of time.

Outdoor Motion Detectors

To detect and dissuade undesirable visitors, motion sensors can be put around the perimeter of a residence. When motion is detected, motion sensors send an alert to a control panel or base set. Some systems will seek assistance from authorities. To give an extra deterrent, many motion sensors now include automatic lights, cameras, and even sirens.

Door and Window Alarms

When a door or window sensor is activated, it sends a signal to you and the authorities. To intimidate an intruder and inform neighbors, a loud alarm will sound. Family members can use door alarms to keep track of an older relative who could wander at night.

Medical Emergency Alert Systems

In recent years, medical alert systems have gone a long way. Medical alert systems can respond to speech and monitor individuals for falls or other crises. In addition to wearable devices that can be activated with the push of a button to summon immediate assistance, most medical alert systems can also be programmed to send a phone call or text message to a caregiver in the case of an emergency.

Consider acquiring a comprehensive home security system if you want various security solutions but don’t want to install each one separately. Many systems come with a range of safety features pre-installed. Most full home security systems allow owners to monitor their homes remotely using their smartphones or other smart devices. In addition, some full home security systems may offer the option of purchasing expert monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Home Care Protection for Seniors

Seniors can also rely on in-home caregivers from Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington to help them stay healthy, happy, and safe in addition to purchasing home security equipment. Having a caregiver with your senior loved one at home is a popular option that offers a variety of benefits, including safety.