Wondering how you can expect senior home care to change in the next 10 years? Just like the US economy, senior living has had its ups and downs, and we’re anticipating several trends and changes to occur in the near future. With an increasing cost of assisted living, we’ll begin to see different housing options for seniors to remain independent, as well as homes that are all around more “senior-friendly,” with various technology and amenities.

If you want to get a better idea of what life will be like for senior Americans in-home care soon, let’s take a look at these trends, predictions, and changes:

More Amenities for Seniors

In an effort to continue the models of assisted living facilities, such organizations have begun ramping up programs for seniors like cultural events, new fitness classes, and educational services. These are expected to cater to a new generation of senior citizens.

Green Senior Living

Not only is eco-friendly living good for the environment, but it is also a great option for affordable senior living! Fewer utilities mean less money. More green housing options for senior home care will allow a new wave of seniors to remain environmentally conscious.

Senior Co-Housing

Co-housing for senior is going to be HUGE! Such options will allow seniors to live in independent homes, yet it will be somewhat of a commune – where residents can benefit from shared spaces, such as recreation centers and gardens. Even better – seniors will typically be involved in any “community” decisions, giving them a sense of purpose within their co-housing development.

More Technology

It may come as no surprise that we’re going to see more technology in the homes of our future seniors. This will help to revolutionize senior home care! Options like computer home systems to keep track of medications, appointments, and more will be used wirelessly for caregivers to stay constantly in check with their seniors.

Less Nursing Home Models

As more and more seniors want to move towards independent living and home care services, we expect to see a decline in the traditional nursing home model. With lower cost options and specialized program choices – like memory care services, for example – home care services are making excellent options for many seniors!

If you’re thinking about looking into home care services now for you and your senior, please give Home Care Assistance a call to schedule your consultation!