When I moved my Aunt into a Burlington, VT- area memory care facility in March 2020, the receiving staff recommended that I hire an assistant for her, to help her adjust to her new surroundings. This additional last-minute requirement jeopardized my plans for my Aunt’s transfer, and I needed to enlist those additional services quickly. I feel I made the right decision when I reached out to Tom Lee at Home Care Assistance (HCA). Tom listened to my needs and explained how the services offered by HCA could meet them. By the end of my initial conversation with Tom, I had a clear understanding of HCA’s capabilities and reasonable rates and more importantly, had a solution in place that allowed me to keep my original transfer plan. Better yet — we were blessed with a capable and intuitive assistant. Kim arrived as scheduled, and quickly went to work to make my Aunt comfortable and to get her settled into her new home. Kim quickly felt like part of the family. She is an empathetic and intuitive listener and a strong advocate. Kim reached out nearly every day with an update, and her communications and in-person care became even more important once the facility locked down due to Covid-19. Kim became our eyes and ears, and we were thankful to have her representing us through this forced absence. Feedback from the facility’s staff was uniformly positive as well, so I feel really lucky to have found Kim, Tom, and HSA. I ended up extending Kim’s assignment, because it made my family more comfortable knowing that my Aunt had an advocate for her in her new home. It’s likely that, at some point in the future, I’ll again need similar services for my Aunt. But now I know where I can find these services, and I recommend Home Care Assistance to anyone seeking similar timely, empathetic, and affordable care for their loved ones.