While the weather outside may be frightful, your senior does not have to suffer from cabin fever when they have a winter craft to keep them busy. While most seniors will be able to create these crafts without any assistance, it is always more fun when seniors and their family caregivers in Burlington create crafts together.

Create a Winter Wreath

Make a beautiful wreath using an old winter scarf. Simply wrap the scarf around a Styrofoam wreath base allowing the scarf to fold in an attractive manner. Once you are happy with the results, hold it in place with straight pins. The senior can make the wreath look even more attractive by attaching a winter scene to the bottom using floral picks. Alternatively, the senior can attach buttons or jewels to the front of the wreath adding visual interest.

Star Lanterns

Snowflake lanterns are so fun to make that even the men will enjoy this craft. Start by finding an old limb that will just fit inside an empty tin can. Draw a star on a piece of lightweight cardboard and cut it out to be the template. Attach it to the can with some masking tape. Now, insert the limb into the can. Pound nail holes clear around the template keeping them spaced about ¼ inch apart. Repeat on the other side of the can. Pound two holes at the top of the can and fashion a clothes hanger to make a handle. Now, remove the cardboard template and spray paint the can white. Melt a little wax and attach a tea candle to the bottom inside of the can. Hang the can and enjoy.

Mason Pinecone Candy Jars

While many seniors need to limit the amount of candy that they consume, making a mason pinecone candy jar is a wonderful winter craft that they can make to give away. Start by covering the rim of each jar with some pretty lace held in place with some twine. Now, use snow textured paint to decorate two pinecones. You can either use real pine cones or artificial ones from the craft store. Wrap a piece of twine around the pinecone and use hot glue to attach the twine to the rim of the jar. Fill with small candies and give to someone special.

Seniors can benefit greatly by crafting on cold winter days. It helps to brighten their moods, especially when you take time to craft with them. Learn more about the emotional benefits of crafting with seniors by calling Burlington, VT, Home Care Assistance at [hca_phone]. Our compassionate Care Managers will work around your loved one’s schedule to a unique care plan when you call today.