In an age where technology is second nature to generations like iGen, Generation Z, Millennials, and Generation X, senior citizens often struggle to keep up with advancements or get left behind completely. But these younger generations, especially those with parents or grandparents in senior care, can teach seniors how to stay social!

By using the tips below, your senior can become just as social as you with a little bit of time and love.

Start by explaining the value of staying social. Show them how simple it can be to video call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a few years, or to reply to an email conversation with other family members. Doing this with them will help them to see and understand the value of technology and all it has to offer.

Help your senior understand the language of technology. Using terms and phrases that you’re familiar with, but they aren’t, won’t be very useful. Break things down into simpler language and use analogies that they can visualize and comprehend.

Take things slow, don’t rush your explanations and demonstrations. Even though using your phone or tablet might feel like second nature to you doesn’t mean it’s going to be as quick and easy for your loved one in senior care. Take your time to go through the motions of opening up the Facebook app several times, until your senior begins to get the hang of it.

If your senior is struggling to remember how to use their technology, write it down. Remember that your senior is older, and forgetfulness can become a part of the aging process. They may not remember important details to reply to a text, so write simple instructions down for them to follow when you are not their to help them.

We understand it can be frustrating for an advanced user to teach technology to someone who struggles to understand it, but just be patient. Patience will not only help your senior to understand technology at their own pace, but it also shows them that your love them and care enough for them to make this effort.

It may take more than one demonstration or explanation for your senior to catch on, so stay consistent. If your senior were to show you how to drive a manual car, would you remember after just one session? Probably not, and they likely will not remember their technology training at first either. So, keep with it! Go through several of the same things each time you spend time with them until they have a good grasp on them.

If you would like further advice on connecting socially with your senior, or you would like to develop a customized senior care plan for them, call Home Care Assistance! We are ready to talk with you and schedule your consultation.