With spring officially here and even warmer weather right around the corner, outdoor activities and fun in the sun are surely on your mind. But what about your loved ones in need – how can they enjoy spring and avoid being cooped up during this popular season?

Spring is an excellent time for caregivers to reinvigorate the men and women they care for. However, it’s important to be mindful of limitations and conditions so everyone can benefit from the beautiful scenery and fresh air.

Here are some springtime caregiving tips that will your seniors enjoy the great outdoors:

  • Get outdoors – Physical activity has been shown to be beneficial in fighting health disorders and frailty, as well as playing an important part in maintaining mental acuity. Spring is the ideal season to pick up a new activity or resume an old one, such as birdwatching or nature walking. Just remember to put on some solid shoes and take it slow at first.
  • Prepare for changing weather – Warmer days are perfect for outdoor activities before the summer heat arrives, but the weather may be unpredictable at this time of year. For senior caregivers, this means checking the weather forecast carefully and preparing for any weather.
  • Bring spring indoors – Spring’s sights and smells stimulate and uplift the senses, particularly in seniors who are less mobile. Spring flowers are a wonderful way to accomplish this! Bringing these into the house can do wonders for your mood. You’ll find a variety available in shops and even fresh from the garden.
  • Spring clean – The holidays often result in a build-up of gifts and clutter throughout the home. Now is the time for caregivers to assist in-home care recipients with spring cleaning. This not only keeps seniors active, but it also makes moving around the house safer. Taking your time and reminiscing over keepsakes, can also turn spring cleaning into an enjoyable activity.

Springtime is the perfect opportunity for seniors to ward off the winter blues and become more active. At Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington, we understand that everyone needs a little assistance sometimes, which is why our highly-trained caregivers are available to help your loved ones enjoy all spring has to offer. If your senior loved one is in need of assistance around their home this spring, contact Home Care Assistance of Greater Burlington today to schedule a free in-home consultation!