It’s vital for people of any age to stay hydrated. It’s especially important for seniors, as they often lose their appetite for water with aging. Here are a few reasons why Burlington home care professionals believe seniors need to stay hydrated.

1. Diminish Thirst

As adults age, the sensation of thirst diminishes, which means seniors are less likely to realize when they’re thirsty. Seniors face an increased risk of dehydration and have to stay extra vigilant about their water intake. 

2. Enhance Metabolism

Seniors also metabolize water differently than younger individuals. While younger adults have the ability to regulate water balance, seniors often compromise on their water turnover. For this reason, it is important for seniors to stay vigilant about hydration. 

3. Boost Brain Function

Staying hydrated is important for mental function as the body and brain are mainly comprised of water. As mental processes tend to slow down with age, it becomes crucial for seniors to stay hydrated. Cognitive function is enhanced when the brain cells receive the appropriate amount of hydration. 

4. Maintain Urinary Health

Some seniors face urinary incontinence. While it might lead them to drink less water, this can actually exacerbate the problem. Seniors with incontinence should maintain healthy drinking habits, as a reduction in fluid intake can cause even more problems such as urinary tract infections. 

5. Better Digestive Health

Hydration is the key to digestive health. Seniors with constipation or digestive discomfort should always make sure to drink their daily dose of water, as dehydration is often linked to constipation. Regular hydration and fiber consumption can help seniors afflicted with constipation. 

6. Manage Kidney Health

As seniors age, kidney function often diminishes, which leads to a decrease in the body’s ability to concentrate urine. To boost renal ability, seniors should drink water throughout the day, even when they don’t feel thirsty. 

By increasing water intake, seniors can boost their cognitive health and stave off dementia and memory loss. If your loved one avoids water due to incontinence or for any other reason, you should call Home Care Assistance. We provide assistance with meal preparation, medication reminders, and a range of senior care services to ensure your loved one gets adequate water intake without you having to worry about his or her incontinence. For high-quality respite care, Burlington, VT, families can reach us at [hca_phone].