Even the most independent individuals may need assistance as aging progresses. It may be as a result of Alzheimer’s, a fall or accident, or simply the process of aging that suddenly creates a need for help. In any case, how does one decide whether aging in place or a nursing home is the best solution?

Nursing homes can certainly provide safe solutions when medical needs are present, but aging in place is still sometimes a better solution and some facilities are actually moving away from long-term care due to financial reasons. When patients stay in a facility long-term, payment is made by Medicaid when the money runs down, but what Medicaid pays doesn’t create a profit for the nursing home. This has created a decline in the availability of long-term care.

Seniors may now find it difficult to find affordable high-quality nursing homes. Fortunately, high-quality home care services have become easier to find.  A collaborative effort can be created between the client, family members, and medical professionals, making a simple plan of care for the senior to stay in place. Seniors typically express a preference to age in place, where they can remain with friends and family in their comfortable surroundings and community.

Home care options are considerably less expensive than long-term facilities, which cost an average of $6,500 per month. This price can be impossible for a senior with fixed income and limited assets.

Sometimes a senior might only really need a few hours a day with help getting dressed, bathing or with meal preparation, saving thousands of dollars with home care vs. a nursing home placement.

Additionally, a senior with home care has more healing time, better mental and emotional health, a sense of dignity and a higher quality of life. Perhaps staying at home isn’t safe if left alone, but home care services allow the senior to remain at home for the longest amount of time possible.

There are options for home care and nursing homes. Considering the cost savings, an independent lifestyle, and maintained dignity, home care may be the best option for you or your loved one.

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