Heading to the doctor for a routine checkup isn’t always everyone’s favorite thing to do, but it is always a good thing to do — especially if you are currently enrolled in home care services. Those routine checkups become much more important each and every year.

During your next visit with your doctor this year, ask these 5 key questions to keep you healthy and well. Bring a notepad and pen so you can jot down your doctor’s response!

Alternatively, if your agency offers medical advocacy assistance, have their qualified staff attend the appointment with you!

What screening tests do I need?

Your doctor will most likely perform the routine tests at your annual visit – They’ll check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But you may want to ask them if other screen testing is necessary, such as mammograms for both women and men, and prostate exams for men.

What should I be eating – or not eating?

Nutrition is important at any stage in your life! If you struggle with your weight, blood pressure, or cholesterol levels, ask your doctor about changes you can implement in your diet to control these issues.

How’s my weight?

Your doctor can tell you how weight can affect your health and potentially put you at risk for disease. If your weight is of concern, your doctor can suggest healthy ways for you to shed a few pounds and feel better!

What should I do before my next visit?

Depending on any targeted issues and your doctor plan to tackle, you can work on accomplishing these goals before your next visit. Whether that means losing weight, eating healthier, or exercising more – View your next doctor appointment as a milestone.

When do I need to see a doctor again?

There is no rule that routine checkups need to be performed annually. You and your doctor can decide when the right time is for YOU to come back and see them.

If you are looking to expand your home care services or are thinking that they might be a good idea for you, please call Home Care Assistance to schedule a consultation. We’ll discuss your options and see which services are right for you! We can also assist you with transportation, helping you make it to those annual appointments with your doctor!